February Feature: Heart Healthy Beetroot Juice Concentrate from Brownwood Acres!

February is the month of Love! The most common symbol for love is the Heart! Beetroots not only happen to look like a heart, they also Support Healthy Cardiovascular Function*

Now, you have probably heard about Beet Root Powder. While still good for you, here at FruitFast - Brownwood Acres, we prefer a higher quality, unadulterated Beetroot Juice Concentrate. Why? Our Beet Juice Concentrate is an ideal addition to your daily wellness routine for multiple reasons. 

  • Taste: It tastes pretty darn good! Ok, yes, Beets have a very earthy flavor - but they are also sweet and savory! This is a great addition to a smoothie!

  • Liquid not Powder: Unlike the cooked and dried beet powders on the market, our Beet Juice Concentrate (also known as Beet Root Juice) is more economical and has been processed less. Additionally, Liquids provide your body with an easier to consume, more bioavailable product. 

  • High levels of Folic Acid and Iron are among many other key minerals found in Beets

  • Cold Stored and Filled: Like all of our concentrates, we Keep It Cold until we ship. Like most food items, we find this helps to preserve all the beneficial properties found in our line of Premium Juice Concentrates.

  • Sought after by Seniors and Athletes alike as more recent studies have shown Beet Roots ability to naturally raise Nitric Oxide [NO] levels which “Support Healthy Cardiovascular Function”* andSupports a Healthy Immune System“*.

Check out this tasty and very nutritious recipe we found on Inspired Taste

Naturally Sweet Lemon Ginger Power Beet Juice

In this beet juice, the beets taste sweet and earthy, lemon and ginger add zing, and the cucumber adds mineral-rich water. Beets are naturally sweet so we don’t add any additional fruit, with the exception of a lemon. If you find the juice too tart, consider pushing a couple carrots or an apple through the juicer. If you’re sensitive to ginger’s warming/spicy quality, add a smaller amount at first and go from there.

Makes approximately two 8-ounce servings

What you will need:

2 medium beets, scrubbed clean and tops trimmed…. Or Beetroot Juice Concentrate :)

1 medium seedless (hothouse or English) cucumber, rinsed

1-inch length piece fresh ginger, scrubbed clean

1 medium lemon

Prepare the Veggies

  • Chop the cucumber and ginger into thin pieces small enough to easily go through the juicer. 

  • Cut away the yellow peel from the lemon, leaving most of the white pith and lemon flesh. Cut into slices and remove any seeds.

Make the Juice

  • Blend 2 ounces of Beet Juice Concentrate with 12 ounces of water. 

  • Reserve about half of the lemon. Turn the juicer on and push everything through the juicer.

  • When everything but the reserved lemon has been juiced, stir the juice and taste for tartness.

  • Add the remaining lemon if you feel it can take it. Or if the juice is too tart, sweeten with additional Beet Juice Concentrate

Do you have as favorite use for Beet Juice Concentrate u or another on of our FruitFast Premium Juice Concentrates? We would love to hear and share your stories and tips!!

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