Red Tart Cherries are at the top of our list when it comes to potential performance benefits, as they help speed relief from post-exercise muscle fatigue*. “Cherry juice has really helped me to alleviate some of the pain associated with compartment syndrome,” says Lauren, a runner from Torrence, CA. “It also helps my legs recover a lot faster from runs than they used to.”  

Tart Cherries can benefit virtually any type of athlete looking to speed their post-workout recovery.    Active individuals can take note of our CherryFlex® line of products, specially formulated to speed muscle relief.*

For additional information, see the following two studies:

The Effect of CherryFlex Supplementation in Attenuating Eccentric Exercise-Induced Symptoms of DOMS

The Effect Of Antioxidant Cherryflex® Supplementation On Exercise Induced Doms, Biomarkers Of Tissue Damage, And Oxidative Stress


Whether you’re an avid walker, a runner, a swimmer, or a soccer-player, Superfruits offer natural health benefits for anyone with an active lifestyle.

All-Natural Tart Cherries aren’t the only super fruit that can contribute to an active lifestyle! Tart Cherries, Wild Blueberries, Red Raspberries, Cranberries, Concord Grapes and Pomegranates all help support healthy cardiovascular function* and support a healthy immune system*.  Now that’s something that any athlete can appreciate.


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