Looking to boost your immunity? Go for healthy juices!

Immunity booster foods and drinks are seeing a new market and for all the good reasons. With the world faced with serious health-related diseases and issues, we ought to go for healthier choices.

Intake of healthy juices is often regarded as the easiest and convenient way to add that much-needed dose of nutrition to your daily diet. Many times, people face a lack of time and even the mood to sit and eat the whole fruit, luckily they have got the option to juice it up!

A balanced diet must include a daily intake of healthy fruits and vegetables. These are often taken by way of tasty, health-induced juices. Associated with a multitude of benefits for health, mental presence, well-being, and much more, these juices that boost your immunity system also help the body fight diseases better.

A rich source of all essential vitamins and minerals, these juices help bolster immunity to a great extent. Simply put, your immune system is busy throughout the day and night, deciding which body cells belong to your body and which outsider cells do not. To support your immune system in doing this job perfectly, a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals is a must for keeping energy levels high.

However, with a multitude of juices available out there in the market, the choice can be a tough one. Not only are brands trying to market each of their fruit juice as an immunity-boosting beverage, but you are also faced with diverse fruits and vegetable juice options.

But to know which particular fruit and vegetable juices help boost your immune system is a must.

Here’s a list of 5 fruits and vegetable juice options you can lay your bet on:

  • Beet it with Beetroot!

Beetroots are a power-packed source of manganese, potassium and folate, and nitrates. Highly preferred for its vibrant color, earthy flavor, this healthy juice is a must-have this season. It helps improve your blood pressure levels, enhance your mental as well as physical performance. In addition, you could also add the green leafy part of these beetroots for add-on nutritional benefits. 

  • Cheers to Cherry juice

One cannot really count a great many benefits cherry juice can give to your body. From the daily post-workout recovery to fighting inflammation, arthritis pain, swelling, it can do wonders. Cherry juice is particularly helpful in improving the immunity of the body. In addition, it also helps in supporting the m=immune system by regulating metabolism. 

  • Can do wonders with Cranberry Juice 

Cranberry juice is surely a blessing in disguise providing the much-needed daily dose of vitamin C. Not only does it help in keeping the immune system healthy and going, but it also fights against oxidative stress, kills harmful bacteria, and prevents infection in the body. 

  • Pump up your immunity with Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is well equipped to fight illnesses and infection with its vitamin C and vitamin E. Pomegranates in juice form is high in taste and health. In addition, they also have specific antibacterial and antiviral characteristics to fight against viruses. 

  • Concord Grape Juice

Good quality Concord grape juice is enriched with high amounts of vitamin C which helps the body fight off diseases. Its regular intake is associated with increased immune cells, particularly the gamma delta T cell. This cell is responsible for sending crucial signals to your immune system which then responds to these.

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