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Ever wondered why a Pure Elderberry Juice Concentrate was impossible to find? It may be that past Elderberry suppliers felt it was too tart, however, we can help! Brownwood Acres – FruitFast is pleased to announce the introduction of our Pure Elderberry Juice Concentrate to our line of premium Fruit-Juice-Concentrates. If you’re wondering if our Elderberry Juice Concentrate tart well, yes, it is. The important question, of course, would be, is our Elderberry Juice Concentrate effective? Well, our Kosher Certified Elderberry Juice Concentrate is the perfect answer to your immune concerns especially if you’ve been watching the news lately. In fact, of all the Juice Concentrates we offer, the Elderberry is fast becoming our second-best seller next to our top-rated Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate!

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Pure Elderberries – in their natural state









Elderberry has traditionally been used by herbalists for millennia and its berries are especially known for their immune-supporting benefits. Both the flowers and berries may be made into Elderberry wine and Hungary has long been known for its infamous Elderberry Brandy. Technically referred to as Sambucus nigra, the plant’s health benefits were first written about by German physician Martin Blochwich in the 1620s. So yes, the history of Elderberry health reaches back at the very least 400+ years which vaults our new Kosher Elderberry Juice Concentrate to the top of FruitFast’s healthiest Juice Concentrate list!

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Pure, Unsweetened Elderberry Juice Concentrate from FruitFast













Not comfortable ordering online? Simply call us today Toll-Free at 1.877.591.3101 and we’ll get your first order of Pure Elderberry Juice Concentrate out to you fast!


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Date 6/19/2023


Date 6/19/2023

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