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Quantity Discounts for Pure Fruit Supplements
QuantitySave Per Bottle
Buy Any2-5$1
Buy Any6-11$2
Buy Any12 or more$3

Quantity Discounts for Pure Juice Concentrates
QuantitySave Per Bottle
Buy Any2$2
Buy Any3$3
Buy Any4$4
Buy Any5 to 11$5
Buy Any12 or more$6

Quantity Discounts for Premium Dried Fruits
QuantitySave Per Bag
Buy Any25%
Buy Any310%
Buy Any412%
Buy Any5 or more15%

Quantity Discounts for Signature Jar Goods
QuantitySave Per Jar
Buy Any2$2
Buy Any3$3
Buy Any4 to 6$4
Buy Any7 or more$5

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