Who we are.

We are a fifth generation family owned business, operating out of Michigan’s northwestern lower peninsula, 30 miles north of Traverse City. Since 1945, we have maintained our commitment towards exceptional products and customer service. We are humbled to have been in business for over 80 years and are honored to serve you. 

 What we do.

Providing nutritional fruit products of superior quality and value is the focus of everything we do. Under our FruitFast label, we offer 100% pure, all-natural, whole-fruit products promoting healthy living. We are confident in our process, that's why we offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Did you know our business started off as a roadside market selling our families honey and now famous canned recipes? Click Here to read more about our Historic Brownwood Acres Shops ( Which we still operate today) or Here to shop our Signature Jarred Goods & Other Goodies.


What is Flash Pasteurized?

The first step of Pasteurization is taking care that the fruit juice, like our Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate and other Pure Fruit Juice Concentrates are not exposed to prolonged periods of extreme heat. Instead, they are quickly flash pasteurized to keep as much of the 100% natural and nutrient rich Juice Concentrate as potent as possible. This process helps to preserve enzymes, color, and flavor.

Safe Packaging

We use a PET 1 plastic, BPA free bottle. When filling, we flush any oxygen from the top of the bottle with nitrogen before applying an airtight induction seal lid. This keeps the Concentrates from oxidizing and helps preserve the freshness. Additionally, our bottles are not exposed to extreme heat during our bottling process.

Keep it Cold

We keep our Concentrates refrigerated before and after bottling. You may notice other companies sell shelf stable juice concentrates. While our product has a long life at room temperature, we keep our products cold until the day they are shipped. This helps preserve the rich, vibrant colors of the concentrates, where many of the health benefits are located.  We require our Retailers to sign an agreement to keep our products under refrigeration and sell them from a refrigerated case. It’s an added step we take to make sure our products maintain their superior nutritional value, and we think it’s one of the reasons our Cherry Juice tested over 4 times higher than our closest competitors. 


The Result: A high Brix, Non-GMO and Gluten Free Concentrate so pure you can taste, see and feel the difference.


The Science Behind the Fruit 

Use the links below to learn more about the health benefits our amazing fruit products can offer!




Scientific Studies



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