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Brownwood Acres - FruitFast is proud to announce their highest antioxidant Fruit Juice Concentrate ever; Pure Aronia Berry Juice Concentrate! Rating even higher in ORAC value than our hot-selling Elderberry Juice Concentrate, the new Aronia Berry (also known as Chokeberry) Juice Concentrate has a slightly sweeter flavor profile than our Elderberry and a more robust antioxidant value! In fact, when comparing ORAC values, Aronia Berry rates higher than any other Fruit Juice Concentrate we offer. 

Originally, Aronia Berries were used for a number of reasons by the Native American cultures including tenderizing meats, adding to pemican, and during winter months, the berries were used to boost nutrition throughout many Native American tribes. Now, while regaining its popularity worldwide, Aronia is helping millions of health-conscious citizens looking to gain an immune system edge to safeguard their health!

The chart below will give you a good idea of just how the Aronia ORAC levels stack up against other Fruit Juice Concentrates...

Aronia Berry (Black Chokeberry) Orac Chart

There are countless reasons to order our Pure Aronia Berry Juice Concentrate today from FruitFast Including:

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Quantity Discounts 
  • Non-GMO Aronia Berry Juice 
  • Certified Kosher 
  • Pure Aronia (single ingredient, nothing added) 
  • Cold-Filled Juice Concentrates (never heat-packed or shelf-stable) 
  • Same Day Shipping *orders placed before 1:00 pm on business days only

Ordering from FruitFast is a snap! Just call our toll-free number at 1.877.591.3101 and we'll be happy to process an immediate order for you or, simply place your order now by clicking here: PURE ARONIA BERRY JUICE CONCENTRATE

Happy Shopping! We look forward to doing business with you and we thank you for looking at FruitFast's Pure Fruit Juice Concentrates!


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Date 6/7/2022


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